IPM Decisions

Decision support for Integrated Pest Management in Europe

Welcome to IPM Decisions

The IPM Decisions Platform provides a “one stop shop” for decisions support in integrated pest management. It is a web-based framework providing farmers, advisors and researchers access to a wide range of Decision Support Systems and weather data from across Europe through a set of four dashboards (see below).

The platform provides the ability to assess the reliability and suitability of different Decision Support Systems so they can select those that are most suited to their needs.

Access the IPM Decisions platform here

The platform uses a large range of Decision Support Systems (DSS) which can be adjusted for regional conditions, giving farmers and advisers indicators of risk. The list with DSS can be found here and shows the range of pests and crops which are incorporated into the platform. The full functionality of these DSS can be used on the platform.

To get started using Decision Support Systems for IPM, see instructional video here and a quick start guide here.

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