Available DSS

Overview of the available systems

Several DSS are available on the IPM Decisions platform. The list below shows the range of pests and crops which are incorporated into the platform. DSS are integrated in the platform. The full list of these DSS can be found on the platform.



 More DSS information

 Cabbage moth

 Cabbage crops


 Cabbage fly

 Cabbage crops



 Winter wheat, wheat

 Factsheet Septoria Humidity Model

 Factsheet Glume blotch, Septoria
 Humidity Model

 Carrot rust fly


 Factsheet Carrot Rust Fly


Lettuce, Beets, Potato, Brassica, Carrot, Parsnip, Allium species, Chicory, Asparagus, Celery, tomato, strawberry

 Factsheet Cutworm

 Orange blossom

Wheat, Spring wheat, Spring Rye, Winter Rye, Spring Barley, Winter Barley, Spring Oats, Winter Oats, Spring Triticale, Winter Triticale


 Pollen Beetle

 Oilseed rape

 Factsheet Pollenbeetle

 Saddle gall

Wheat, Spring wheat, Spring Rye, Winter Barely, Spring Barely, Spring oats, Spring triticale

 Factsheet Saddle gall midge

Codling moth

 Apple, Pear


 Barley Yellow
 Dwarf Virus

 Winter Wheat,
 Winter Barley

 Factsheet Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus

 Potato early &
 late blight


 Factsheet Potato Late Blight, Neg

 Factsheet Hutton Criteria Late
 Blight Model

 Factsheet Early Blight (Alternaria)

 Grey Field slug

 Oilseed rape and cereals

 Factsheet Grey Field slug

More external DSS are accessible through a link to the DSS provider. There are a range of linked DSS, targeting several pests in a range of crops.